Miss Indiana USA – Mekayla Diehl makes national headlines for having a “normal” body!

June 8th, 2014 at 8:00pm, the Miss USA 2014 Pageant aired.  It took almost an hour and a half to announce the top 20 semifinalists.  Amongst the 20 beautiful contestants was Indiana’s own, Mekayla Diehl.  Twitter exploded during the swimsuit competition when Diehl showed off her fit and healthy body because she looked the most “normal” and had some healthy curves to her shape.  Diehl has always wanted to make an impact but she never dreamed she would be doing it in a swimsuit.  It has been two days since the national pageant and the internet, social media, and news stations are still raving over her healthy look.  Way to go Mekayla!  She has shown that you do not have to be a stick figure in order to be healthy and in top shape.  She is a true role model and is sure making an impact on America.indiana11n-3-web Miss USA 2014 Miss USA 2014 indiana11n-2-web indiana11n-1-web


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